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WBOR Takes 3rd in the Nation Again

Wrightsville Beach Lifeguards Nationals USLAFor the second year in a row, Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue (WBOR) placed 3rd in their division at the 2015 USLA National Lifeguard Championships, which took place August 6-8th in Daytona Beach Florida. WBOR lifeguards competed against over 580 of the nation’s best surf lifesaving athletes representing 55 different lifesaving agencies. View the Full Results and Photos.



Wrightsville Beach Point Scorers:

Surf Race:

11th Place Open Men- Will Swiss


9th Place Open Men- Zach Sowers

11th Place Open Men- Will Swiss

13th Place Open Men- Sawyer Dove

Rescue Race:

3rd Place Open Women- Cat Gargula, Thalia Harrison, Lindsey Gerkens

11th Place Open Women- Kathryn Yarbrough

10th Place Open Men- Sawyer Dove, Zach Sowers, Hunter Hay, Mo Peacock

Taplin Relay:

9th Place Open Women- Cat Gargula, Thalia Harrison, Kathryn Yarbrough, Lindsey Gerkens

16th Place Open Men- Barrett Phiffer, Will Swiss, Hunter Hay, Mo Peacock

Surf Ski:

13th Place Open Men- Barrett Phiffer

1st Place 30-34 Men- Hunter Hay

American Ironman:

2nd Place 30-34 Men- Hunter Hay

International Ironman:

11th Place Open Women- Kathryn Yarbrough

3rd Place 30-34 Men- Barrett Phiffer

2K Beach Run:

5th Place Open Men- Zach Nifong

Beach Flags:

2nd Place 30-34 Women: Lindsey Gerkens

Run Relay:

9th Place Open Men: Mo Peacock, Jordan Peacock, Hunter Hay, Tyler George

Board Rescue Race:

12th Place Open Men: Hunter Hay, Zach Sowers

13th Place Open Men: Barrett Phiffer, Sawyer Dove



WBOR Wins 2015 South Atlantic Lifeguard Competition

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue (WBOR) outscored all the other teams in the United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) South Atlantic Region for the third year in a row, taking home the first place trophy. WBOR guards competed against lifeguards from Jacksonville Beach, FL, Charleston, SC, Virginia Beach, VA, Horry County, SC, Hilton Head, SC, Nags Head, NC, Carolina Beach, NC, and Kure Beach, NC in two days of beach and ocean races that simulated rescues and tested the professional skills that lifeguards use on the beach every day while on duty. See Photos


Highlights from the competition included first place finishes in open events for Wrightsville Beach including:

1st- Landline Race: Steve Conrad, Hunter Hay, Mo Peacock, and Lindsey Gerkens

1st- Mens’ Surf Swim: Matthew Wistoff

1st- Mens’ Run-Swim-Run: Matthew Wistoff

1st- Mens’ Rescue Race: Alex Labonge, Sawyer Dove, Josh Drew, Kyle Miess

1st- Womens’ Rescue Race: Cat Gargula, Thalia Harrison, Kathy Yarbrough, Sidney Corn

1st- Mens’ 4×100 Beach Relay: Mo Peacock, Brendan Doyle, Tyler George, Kyle Miess

1st- Mens’ Surf Ski- Hunter Hay

1st- Mens’ Board Rescue Race- Sawyer Dove, Barrett Phifer

1st- International Ironwoman- Lindsey Gerkens

1st- Mens’ Beach Flags- Mo Peacock

1st- Mens’ Taplin Relay- Hunter Hay (ski), Sawyer Dove (swim), Barrett Phifer (board), Kyle Miess (run)

1st- Womens’ Taplin Relay- Kathy Yarbrough (ski), Cat Gargula (swim), Lindsey Gerkens (board), Mary Bojarksi (run)

IMG_2697aWrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue benefits from its guards many years of experience on the beach saving lives and in competition and as a result also scored well in the 30 and over age group events. Highlights included first places finishes by Brendan Doyle, Lindsey Gerkens, Barrett Phifer, Sean Ruttkay, Henry Singletary, Kristen Smith Jeno. See Full Results.

The team is now preparing to take on the rest of the nation at the National Lifeguard Championships in Daytona Beach, Fl August 6-8th. Find out how you can help support the team!

Regionals Comes to Carolina Beach

This summer, the South Atlantic Regional Lifesaving tournament will be held in Carolina Beach, NC. Come out to Hamlet Ave in Carolina Beach Wednesday, July 15th (12pm-6pm), and Thursday, July 16th (8am-6pm) to watch your local Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach lifeguards take on teams from Virginia to Florida in ocean and beach races. These races highlight the skills and athleticism of these ocean rescue athletes. Wrightsville Beach has been undefeated the past two years at the annual tournament and WBOR guards have been training hard all year to defend their title! Come cheer them on and visit our Friends Of WBOR page to learn more about how you can support the team. Here’s a sneak preview of just a few of the exciting events you will see your local guards competing in:

Landline Rescue Race

Landline Rescue Race

Surfski Race

Surfski Race



Surf Swim

Surf Swim

Rescue Board Race

Rescue Board Race

Rescue Race

Rescue Race

Rescue Race

Rescue Race

Beach Flags

Beach Flags

Beach Relay

Beach Relay

WBOR Takes Third at National Championships

DSC_0264aWrightsville Beach lifeguards claimed third place in their division at the 2014 Nautica United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships this past week! See Photos. A team of 15 Wrightsville Beach lifeguards traveled to Virginia Beach, VA to compete against over 550 of the best lifeguards from across the country. The team competed against 45 other beaches, some of which had as many as 90 competition team members. The small but mighty Wrightsville Beach finished in the top 10 overall and brought home the third place trophy in the Small Beach division, finishing behind strong teams from Smith Point, NY and Destin, FL. Full Results

Celebrating 50 years of lifesaving, the USLA National Lifeguard Championships will air nationwide on the Universal Sports Network on Monday, September 15 at 8:00pm.

Congrats to all the competitors and thank you to all of our supporters in the community without whom this accomplishment would not have been possible!

Wrightsville Beach Point Scorers:

2K Run

7th Place Open Men- Josh Drew

Beach Flags

9th Place Open Men- Mo Peacock

2nd Place 30-34 Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey

Board Race

14th Place Open Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey

2nd Place 30-34 Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey

3rd Place 50-54 Men- Greg Miller

Board Rescue Race

10th Place Open Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey, Kathryn Yarbrough

11th Place Open Men- Ray McGorry, Barrett Phifer


9th Place Open Women- Kathryn Yarbrough

10th Place Open Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey


2nd Place Open- Steve Conrad, Mo Peacock, Hunter Hay, Lindsey Gerkens Lynksey

15th Place Open- Alex Labonge, Josh Drew, Kyle Miess, Rachel Keith

Rescue Race

7th Place Open Women- Kathryn Yarbrough, Rachel Keith, Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey, Brianne Vuyovich

3rd Place Open Men- Ray McGorry, Steve Conrad, Mo Peacock, Hunter Hay

4th Place Open Men- Sawyer Dove, Alex Labonge, Kyle Miess, Josh Drew


2nd Place 30-34 Women- Rachel Keith

3rd Place 40-44 Women- Shelby Kellerman

Surf Race

12th Place Open Men- Sawyer Dove

2nd Place 30-34 Women- Rachel Keith

3rd Place 40-44 Women- Shelby Kellerman


15th Place Open Women- Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey

Taplin Relay

10th Place Open Women- Rachel Keith, Kathryn Yarbrough, Lindsey Gerkens Lynskey, Brianne Vuyovich

10th Place Open Men- Sawyer Dove, Hunter Hay, Barrett Phifer, Mo Peacock





2014 South Atlantic Regional Champions!

On July 9th and 10th, Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue sent its competition team to compete in North Myrtle Beach, SC at the USLA South Atlantic Regional Championships. For the second year in a row, the team established itself as a powerhouse in the South Atlantic region by winning not only its “small beach” division, but beating out large beaches from as far north as Virginia and as far south as Florida to take the overall top score as well. See More Photos

Rescue Board Rescue Race

Kathryn Yarbrough enters the water in the Rescue Board Rescue Race.

Highlights from the tournament include first places finishes for Wrightsville Beach in the Landline Rescue Race from the team of Steve Conrad, Hunter Hay, Maurice Peacock, and Lindsey Lynskey, the Rescue Race from the team of Sawyer Dove, Alex Labonge, Jon Mauney, and Sam Proffitt, the women’s Taplin Relay team of Rachel Keith, Kathryn Yarbrough, Lindsey Lynskey, and Shelby Kellerman, as well as individual victories for Maurice Peacock in Beach Flags and Lindsey Lynskey in the surfski and the ironwoman events. Wrightsville Beach also took numerous first place finishes in age group events by Brendan Doyle, Lindsey Lynskey, Rachel Keith, Shelby Kellerman, Greg Miller, Todd Pletcher, Sam Proffitt, and Sean Ruttkay. Full Results

Wrightsville Beach scored a total of 466 points, beating the second place team of Jax Beach, FL with 336.25 points by a comfortable margin. Nags Head, NC finished third overall with a total of 282.75 points.

Landline Rescue Race

Kyle Miess and Josh Drew pull swimmers to shore in the Landline Rescue Race.

The Wrightsville Beach team’s extraordinary success in lifesaving competitions comes as a result of a professional and efficient ocean rescue organization able to attract top-level athletes who are dedicated to the highest levels of performance both on the job saving lives and in competition. Wrightsville Beach competition team members volunteer their time to come in before and after work in order to put in the extra fitness and skill training required to excel at the highly competitive tournaments as well as contributing money out of their own pockets to attend and compete at the tournaments. The remaining funds for the specialized equipment needed as well as travel expenses to the tournament locations are raised 100% through tax-deductable donations from local Cape Fear businesses and individuals. Without the generous support from the local community, our team would not be able to attend these tournaments, which bring national publicity and recognition to the fact that Wrightsville Beach has some of the best and safest beaches in the country. Supporting the Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Competition team helps to bring positive publicity to our region and encourages excellence in the men and women that protect our beaches and our families. If you or your business is interested in making a tax-deductible donation to help the Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Competition Team travel to the National Lifesaving Championships in August, please contact us at to find out how.

Congrats to all those who competed and a special thank you to the lifeguards who worked extra hours to keep Wrightsville Beach beaches safe while the competition team was away.

Stoked To Go Out: The Grey Liston Memorial Swim

Stoked To Go Out

Come join us in paying tribute to one of our finest, former Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue member, Grey Liston, by participating in the first annual Stoked To Go Out Pier-to-Pier swim on Saturday, May 17, 2014. The 2-mile swim takes place in the beautiful ocean waters of Wrightsville Beach. All proceeds benefit the Grey Liston Memorial Scholarship Fund and the UNCW Swimming and Diving Scholarship Fund.

Learn More